Get Well

Get WellGet Well Flower Bouquets & Arrangements When a person is sick, a cheerful mood can be hard to achieve. That’s why one of the best gifts that one can give a sick friend or loved one is the gift of flowers. Get-well-soon wishes can be more than just words. They can be vibrantly colored bouquets and arrangements in decorative or keepsake vases and more. Get-well arrangements are meant to bring a smile to the lips of just about anyone who is sick or recovering from illness. For a fantastic assortment of get-well flowers, you’ve come to the right place: Avas Flowers. We are an online florist with an impressive selection of flowers that can be sent to sick loved ones, whether they are located in the same city or in a city on the other side of the U.S. When people are extremely ill and in the hospital, there may be some restrictions when it comes to sending flowers as a way to encourage a loved one to get well soon. Flowers, however, may not be accepted at certain hospitals or under certain circumstances. For that reason, it is important to verify that the hospital in question will accept your flower delivery. For the most part, many hospitals have no problems with patients receiving flowers; however, hospital policies for any given facility may restrict the delivery or presence of flowers depending on the patient’s specific illness. Get-well flowers are often also restricted when patients are in intensive care units or in other special care wards. It is also important to check if there are any specific types of flowers that are forbidden or unacceptable. If giving flowers to someone who has undergone surgery, consider having them delivered to their home upon discharge from the hospital. Flowers delivered to the home can help create a welcome and cheerful environment for continued recovery. A person doesn’t need to be hospitalized or seriously ill in order to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Someone who is simply feeling under the weather with a cold or the flu will be cheered when they receive a get-well-soon bouquet. Our fresh flowers, when properly kept, will brighten up your loved one’s room with long-lasting beauty. If your sick friend isn’t someone who enjoys flowers, you’ll find that we have other options available here, too. At any given time, you’ll find a selection of live plants and fruit and gourmet gift baskets to choose from. Whenever you want to extend wishes for someone to get well soon, flowers from Avas Flowers are the way to go. We are a family-owned and -operated company, and our history as a business extends more than 30 years. When you buy flowers from us, you are only getting premium flowers that you can send anywhere nationwide. We offer same-day delivery on eligible flowers and also a satisfaction commitment to our customers as well.

A Walk in the Clouds Bouquet
A Walk in the Clouds Bouquet This gentle blend of pastels is presented beautifully in a cube vase... your recipient will delight at the trichromatic blend of pastel colors! $49.99 4 stars (4.50)

Lemon Lime Citrus Basket
Lemon Lime Citrus Basket Adorable and refreshing. Our Lemon Lime Citrus Basket is a uniquely presented in a wooden handled basket adorned with a yellow ribbon. Bright yellow daisy's and mint green carnations are peppered with green button mums. Perfect for a new mom, a birthday, or just because your recipient loves yellow and green! Bird not included. $49.99 5 stars (5.00)

Ingrid's Bright Sunlight Bouquet
Ingrid's Bright Sunlight Bouquet Like a burst of sunshine, this bright yellow bouquet is sure to brighten up your recipient's day. Perfect for a number of occasions, or just because! Deluxe arrangement depicted in photo. $44.99 5 stars (5.00)

Gardens of Cambridge Bouquet
Gardens of Cambridge Bouquet This bouquet boasts unrivaled sophisticated elegance. Beautiful blue hydrangea, blended with lavender monte casino aster, mint green carnations and bold white lilies. A graceful, cultured arrangement perfect for someone with class and taste in your life. Deluxe arrangement depicted in photo above. $52.99 5 stars (5.00)

Neon Dreams Bouquet
Neon Dreams Bouquet This beautiful arrangement will have you dreaming in neon... hot pink roses, pink lilies, fuschia carnations in a bed of bright purple statice and green button mums. It will liven up any room it's in! Great for a recipient who needs some more fun and vibrance in their atmosphere.  $52.99 5 stars (5.00)

Designer's Choice Admin Professional's Bouquet
Designer's Choice Admin Professional's Bouquet They've worked so hard for you all year... take this opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them! Our Designer's Choice Administrative Professional's Bouquet will be uniquely arranged bouquet in a cube vase wrapped in two blue ribbons. Blue ribbons symbolize excellence and achievement, a perfect way to show your recipient how much you appreciate all their hard work! Each arrangement will be customized by our talented floral designers. Item depicted above is an example of what your recipient will receive. Balloon not included unless selected as an upgrade. Deluxe arrangement depicted in photo. Bird not included in arrangement. $69.99 5 stars (5.00)

My Sun, Moon and Stars Bouquet
My Sun, Moon and Stars Bouquet This unique arrangement represents the beauty of of the sky. Yellow roses and white lilies are set against a backdrop of purple monte casino and blue delphinium. What better arrangement to present to someone to show them you're always thinking of them? Premium Arrangement depicted in photo above. $49.99 4 stars (4.85)

Sunflower Symphony Bouquet
Sunflower Symphony Bouquet No arrangement better represents Spring and Sun than our Sunflower Symphony Bouquet! Sunflowers, pink roses, orange lilies, purple stock and green hypericum berries blend together in a radiant display of vibrant colors. Great for any occasion, or to add nature's beauty to any room. Premium Arrangement depicted in photo shown. $64.99 4 stars (4.50)

The Queen of Versailles Bouquet
The Queen of Versailles Bouquet This arrangement will evoke an aura of regality for your recipient it's decadent color scheme.  Hot pink and lavender roses in a bed of white alstroemeria and white monte casino come together in a bold, feminine statement. Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo. $49.99 4 stars (4.75)

She's Got Style, She's Got Grace
She's Got Style, She's Got Grace She's got style, she's got grace, she's a lady! What better way to impress a classy lady in your life than with our vibrant mix of pink and purple flowers? Purple statice surrounds pink roses and aster in a perfect blend of feminine color. Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo above. $49.99 4 stars (4.60)