Cobble Hill Nursing Home Inc, Brooklyn, NY

Cobble Hill Nursing Home Inc

380 Henry St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Comment on Cobble Hill Nursing Home Inc - Brooklyn, NY written by: Pastre S. 1 stars 04/16/2013 11:15PM My dad was a resident for about 5 months after a back operation. When he ran out of the allotted time for physical therapy that Medicare would allow, the staff refused to let me hire a PT to come to his room and refused to give him more time for PT (even when I offered to pay). Dad was left in a bed all day and night and could not walk on his own, had food brought to him that he did not like, and he started losing weight. It was only through our persistence and with the help of a home care agency that we were able to get Dad out of there. Now a year later, Dad is able to walk, goes to a PT clinic 3x a week, and has an aide at his home. It is way cheaper to get an aide at home than staying at this horrible place ($22,000 a month if you pay out of pocket). The staff were apathetic, the social worker less than helpful, and there is an atmosphere of running this place like a business. The social services director kept asking us how much money Dad had. It was a terrible experience, and I strongly urge family members to take an active role in parent care. I was lucky to be there for several days at a time, so I could see what the day-to-day was like.

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